Customer Reviews

Water No Longer Stinky

"Like a lot of folks around here our water stinks like rotten eggs (sulfur). We dealt with it for a while, but got sick of it and wanted it fixed. Trey, and everyone at this place, made it easy. They came out on weekends (when we are around) and gave me a couple of options. I went with the one he recommended. We didn't notice any change in the smell and I was worried that I had been bamboozled. But every follow up call I made was promptly returned and they made 2 follow up trips to figure out what was wrong, at no cost to me. Turns out a hose was plugged- they fixed the hose and now our water is no longer stinky!"

– Thomas P.

Fantastic Customer Service

"You guys have been nothing but awesome with your customer service! I have been worried all night about the results [of my water bacteria test], but having you calling me back so quickly me has given a ton of relief."

-Tony C

Customer Service

"Trey - thanks so much for taking the time to work on our softener!  The Customer Service is really appreciated.  Hopefully I can help spread the word about Wimberley Water."

-Scott H.

My Heroes

"I had an 'unfortunate incident' last weekend of a mouse getting into our water softener. It was a little CSI mouse, flesh coming off of it - disgusting. We were completely grossed out and horrified of course. Living in the country and having a well has its drawbacks. Drinking dead CSI mouse water is one of them. I called Water Technology on Monday morning. They were out the same day, within hours disinfecting my water softener tank and doing a bacteria test and doing their best to convince me that no one would die.

Unfortunately, the bacteria test came out positive the next day, so they came out and installed an infrared device to ensure our future safety. They also changed all my filters and scoped out the backyard for a rainwater collection system. The charges seemed reasonable and everyone there is SUPER nice. I think we are going to do rainwater pretty soon and I'm excited by that. These people are my heroes this week. 'Cause I won't die anytime soon of the many  diseases that come from rotting dead animal flesh in my water."

– Stephanie S.

Caring for Our Family

"Rick and Trey from Water Technology came out yesterday afternoon and changed out a faucet. "Just wanted to let you know that both Rick and Trey were so concerned about Diane's health and that she take care of herself. Trey even walked out of the house, but came back to tell Diane he was glad she was feeling good and to make sure she gets plenty of rest. Here is a guy who doesn't even know Diane!! It gives me great comfort and hope knowing there are still a lot of good and caring people left in this world. Have a great weekend!!"